Modern Pearl Heirloom

At the heart of the BIWAKO brand is Lake Biwa's unique freshwater pearl mussels, known as IKECHO (Hyriopsis schlegelii) which play a vital role in purifying the water from harmful algae blooms.

Since the 1970s, BIWAKO's pearl farming has been a crucial part of Lake Biwa's ecological recovery. The resulting clear and clean water has greatly enhanced the quality of IKECHO pearls.

For over five decades, BIWAKO has maintained strict control over IKECHO's quality, relentlessly pursuing craftsmanship and cultivating a unique understanding of emotions to achieve stunning creative designs.

IKECHO pearls are a testament to Japan’s deep-rooted commitment to sustainable pearl cultivation that highlights the symbiotic relationship between humans and the environment.

Honoring both the natural resources and heritage, BIWAKO offers jewelry that is chic and versatile that thoughtfully blends traditional Japanese craftsmanship and artistry with modern design elements utilizing Lake Biwa’s natural resources—making each piece a timeless, yet modern heirloom that is a striking addition to any pearl wearer’s collection.