Over the last century, Japan’s Lake Biwa has been the global source of exquisite, cultured, freshwater pearls renowned for their soft, lustrous glow and vast range of colors giving each pearl a unique iridescent luster revered by pearl lovers all over the world.

Known as the birthplace of freshwater pearl farming, Lake Biwa’s pristine waters are the ideal habitat for IKECHO (Hyriopsis schlegelii), a unique freshwater pearl mussel known for its resiliency and ability to filter water and that produces pearls of exceptional beauty and quality. With the adaptation of IKECHO farming, the sustainability and environmental stewardship practiced in freshwater pearl farming have made it a nature-friendly industry.

Freshwater pearl farmers in BIWAKO prioritize responsible farming practices to ensure the well-being of the mussels and the overall farming ecosystem. They actively participate in conservation programs, monitor water quality, promote biodiversity, and raise awareness about the importance of preserving precious natural resources. This commitment to environmental protection helps maintain the health and balance of the fresh water ecosystem.

With a commitment to preserving fresh water ecosystem through cutting-edge technology and a deep respect for nature's wonders, BIWAKO’s IKECHO pearls continue to enchant and inspire, a shimmering symbol of timeless elegance and sustainable luxury.