「CLASSIC」Ginkgo Aura Pearl Studs

$490.00 USD

Pearl size: 10.5-11mm

Pearl Type: Lake Biwa Freshwater Pearl - SAKURA (Cherry Blossom)

Pearl Shape: Round

Metal: 24K Gold Vermeil

Experience the merging of natural splendor and crafted elegance with our 'Ginkgo Aura Pearl Studs'. These studs are a celebration of the cherished Sakura pearls from the serene waters of Lake Biwa, each round pearl meticulously selected to measure between 10.5-11mm. Encased in 24K gold vermeil, the design is inspired by the graceful fan-shaped leaves of the ginkgo tree, known for its timeless beauty and resilience. The lustrous pearls sit atop the golden ginkgo leaves, their radiant sheen complementing the vibrant gold. These earrings embody the delicate balance and harmony of nature, reflecting the beauty of the changing seasons and the enduring grace of the ginkgo.
The 'Ginkgo Aura Pearl Studs' from our CLASSIC collection are not just jewelry; they are a tribute to the poetic interplay of nature's finest elements, perfect for adorning with a touch of sophistication and an air of tranquility.

Designed by ametou

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