「CLASSIC」Golden Mosaic Enamel Charm Long Necklace

$420.00 USD

Chain Length: 39 Inches

Metal: 24K Gold Vermeil & Enamel

Delight in the whimsical asymmetry of the 'Golden Mosaic Enamel Charm Long Necklace', where playful design meets luxurious craftsmanship. This enchanting piece stretches 39 inches in length, adorned with an array of multicolored enamel charms that catch the eye with their vibrant hues and are elegantly strung on a chain of gleaming 24K gold vermeil. Each charm is placed in an intentionally uneven distribution, mimicking the natural randomness of a flower-strewn path or a constellation-studded night sky. The effect is one of joyful spontaneity, a charmingly eclectic addition to any wrist that speaks to the wearer's love of color and an artistic, carefree spirit. Whether worn alone for a statement of colorful joy or layered with other pieces for a bold, bohemian effect, this 'Golden Mosaic Enamel Charm Bracelet' is a testament to playful design and golden elegance.

Designed by ametou

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