「WAVE」Blackened Silver Floating Pearl Earrings

$295.00 USD

Regular Diameter: 14mm

Large Diameter: 17.5mm

Pearl Size: 5-5.5 mm, 5.5-6mm

Pearl Type: Ikecho Biwa Freshwater Pearl - IZAYOI (Full Moon)

Pearl Shape: Round

Metal: Black Sterling Silver

Discover「WAVE」Blackened Silver Floating Pearl Earrings , a prominent feature of the Lake Biwa collection. These earrings are exquisitely crafted from black silver, boasting a cool, contemporary tone. Each earring is adorned with a lustrous Lake Biwa freshwater pearl, creating a striking contrast against the dark, sleek metal. The design is inspired by the serene waters of Lake Biwa, with a circular black silver wave motif adding a touch of artistic elegance. This blend of cool-toned black silver and the warm glow of the pearl offers a unique, timeless style. Perfect for those who love a blend of contemporary design and natural beauty, these earrings are a sophisticated choice for any occasion, harmoniously complementing the「WAVE」Floating Pearl Ring.

Designed by ametou

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