At the heart of BIWAKO's pride are Lake Biwa's unique freshwater pearl mussels, known as IKECHO (Hyriopsis schlegelii).

These cultured pearl mussels play a vital role in filtering and purifying the water from eutrophic algae, effectively protecting the natural water bodies. Since the 1970s, BIWAKO's pearl farming has been a crucial part of Lake Biwa's ecological recovery. The resulting clear and clean water has greatly enhanced the quality of IKECHO pearls.

For over five decades, BIWAKO has maintained strict control over IKECHO's quality, relentlessly pursuing craftsmanship and cultivating a unique understanding of emotions to achieve stunning creative designs.

IKECHO pearls are divided into six categories, each representing a unique expression of BIWAKO's commitment to excellence.

HOTARU (Firefly)

Pearls with a diameter of 1.5mm to 4.5mm

Fireflies are the spirit of the forest, the embodiment of water plants, and the reflection of the moon on Lake Biwa.

All the people you miss can see each other again through the fireflies.

KOI (the koi fish)

Edison Pearls of various colors with a diameter over 5mm

In the oriental story, the koi fish is a symbol of life force and great courage.

The gorgeously colored lucky little fish muster their strength and jump even higher,eventually converging into infinite freedom and joy.

SHIRATAMA (White Jade)

Off-round white pearls with great luster and a diameter over 5mm 

Pearls from Lake Biwa, the finest in the world.
Gentle and wild, all in one. No one can resist reaching out and feel its beauty.
Not born to be perfect, but already perfect in its own way.

SAKURA (Cherry Blossom)

Pink and peach pearls with a diameter over 5mm

Amidst a shower of petals, with your face gently caressed by the softest of winds.

The air is suffused with a delicate pink hue, reminds you of all the sweetness and beauty in life.

It’s like a kiss from the universe, a gentle reminder that you’re loved and cherished.

TSUKI (Lunar)

Near round pure white pearls with a diameter over 5mm

The tides, the night, and the rhythmic opening and closing of pearl mussels are all connected to the moon.

It’s a symbol of illumination, destiny, and enigma in the East.

Who could rival the allure of this unpredictable and eternal celestial body?

IZAYOI (Full Moon)

Round pure white pearls with great luster, clean surface and a diameter over 5mm

The full moon on the 16th night of August marks the pinnacle of lunar radiance for the year.

Its resplendence is unparalleled, brimming with vitality and perfection.

According to legend, the moon gods of the East dwell within its luminous sphere.

Yet amidst its grandeur, there lies the subtle gentleness of autumn.