「WAVE」Biwa Clamshell Pearl Earrings

$480.00 USD

Pearl size: 4.5-5mm, 6-6.5mm

Pearl Type: Lake Biwa Freshwater Pearl - SAKURA (Cherry Blossom)

Pearl Shape: Round

Metal: 24K Gold Vermeil

The 'Biwa Clamshell Pearl Earrings' – a testament to the treasures of the aquatic world, crafted with the radiance of 24K gold vermeil. These earrings feature a duo of Ikecho Biwa freshwater pearls, sized 4.5-5mm and 6-6.5mm, each nestled within the graceful curves of a golden clamshell. The design embodies the gentle opening of a shell, revealing the hidden gem within, an homage to the natural wonder of Lake Biwa's aquatic life. The twin shell design, polished to a high sheen, captures the essence of sunlight playing over the water's surface, while the pearls provide a serene contrast with their soft luster. Evoking the elegance of the lake's calm and the richness of its depths, these earrings are a sophisticated addition to any ensemble, perfect for those who carry the spirit of nature and the allure of the deep.

Designed by ametou

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