「CLASSIC」Biwa Swirl Pearl Studs

$460.00 USD

Pearl size: 9-9.5mm

Pearl Type: Lake Biwa Freshwater Pearl - SAKURA (Cherry Blossom)

Pearl Shape: Round

Metal: 24K Gold Vermeil

The 'Biwa Swirl Pearl Studs', a sophisticated tribute to the naturally sculpted spirals of the Semisulcospira, the river snails that grace the waters of Lake Biwa. These earrings are meticulously crafted from 24K gold vermeil, capturing the essence of the snails' iconic coiled shell in a radiant, helical design. Adorning this golden spiral are Ikecho Biwa freshwater pearls, each measuring between 9 to 9.5mm, their round perfection mirroring the tranquil and unblemished beauty found within the lake's depths. The earrings reflect a harmonious blend of the snail's organic curvature with the pearls' soft luster, evoking an image of serene waters and the delicate dance of river life. The 'Biwa Swirl Pearl Studs' celebrate the intersection of the aquatic realm and human artistry, creating a piece that resonates with the rhythm of Lake Biwa's enduring legacy.

Designed by ametou

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