「CLASSIC」Enamel Baroque Earrings

$330.00 USD

Pearl Size: 12-13mm

Pearl Type: Ikecho Biwa Baroque Pearl - SHIRATAMA (White Jade)

Pearl Shape: Baroque

Metal: 24K Gold Vermeil & Enamel

Introducing 「CLASSIC」Enamel Asymmetrical Pearl Earrings, where artistry and elegance converge in a celebration of asymmetry. One earring showcases a lustrous Lake Biwa freshwater pearl, elegantly nestled within a vibrant red enamel setting encased in vermeil gold. The counterpart is equally captivating, featuring a large, gold-enveloped enamel adornment, crowned with a smaller, equally radiant Lake Biwa pearl. This distinctive pair reimagines modern sophistication, blending the timeless charm of pearls with a bold, contemporary design. Each earring tells its own story, yet together, they create a harmonious and stylish statement. Perfect for those who appreciate the fusion of innovation and classic elegance, these earrings are sure to elevate any ensemble with their exquisite asymmetry and refined allure.

Designed by ametou

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