「WAVE」Heirloom Huggie Blackened Silver Pearl Earrings

$495.00 USD

Circle Diameter: 14mm

Pearl Size: 10mm

Pearl Type: Ikecho Biwa Freshwater Pearl - SAKURA (Cherry Blossom)

Pearl Shape: Round

Metal: Black Sterling Silver

These earrings offer a profound visual narrative, its design inspired by the serene and steady waves of BIWAKO lake with the lustrous darkness of black silver embodying the deep tranquility of lake waters at rest. The metal's dark hue serves as a stark, yet sophisticated backdrop to the glowing pearls that dangle beneath, their opalescent sheen more pronounced against the matte finish of the knots. This pairing of dark and light, of the tranquil depth of the lake's embrace and the pure luminescence of moonlit pearls, creates a striking contrast that is both bold and understated. These earrings are a celebration of serenity and grace, perfect for those who carry the quiet strength of still waters within them.

Designed by ametou

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